Consulting & Management

Strategy: Tailor fit to suit your needs

Whatever your goal is, learning how to navigate the variables that shape your venture is the difference between making or breaking. SCHEMA helps you shape your business by evaluating systems and instituting processes that facilitate your goals. We offer in-depth assessment and analysis of:

  • current operational systems
  • internal structure
  • personnel organization
  • team-building strengths, weaknesses, and obstacles
  • resource utilization and procurement 

We help you work smarter, not harder. A solid strategy from the get-go can make sure that the money you spend brings maximum benefit, while getting the best bang for your buck. We can help you shape your company into a place where people love to work--a place where culture and conduct facilitate (rather than detract from) your bottom line.  

Objectivity: A second set of eyes

We know that business owners are often running at max capacity, swimming in the details of day-to-day operations. It's hard enough to find margin to crunch the numbers, let alone analyze the systems, problems, and possible solutions. This is where we come in. 

Let us observe you in your natural habitat. After your initial consultation, we'll come alongside you and watch how you operate--we're a hands-on kind of people! A fresh perspective might surprise you at just how much you're missing.

Morale: Make the journey enjoyable

Anyone who's worked in an ineffective work environment can attest to the stress incurred by futility. Burnout occurs in situations where under-equipped/under-resourced individuals are trying to meet an extreme need. And burnout doesn't just occur in situations of humanitarian can happen when a team is understaffed for too long, or when they are asked too often to complete a task without sufficient means to do so. If a team is set up for failure, no wonder they are frustrated and demoralized! 

This is where systems can save your sanity. 

We assess the problem from both ends: Personnel and Proper Equipping. Defining job descriptions and responsibilities enables rapid-fire streamlining, as well as accountability. Streamlining processes makes everyone's life easier, and less stressful, and accountability tends to increase productivity while reducing bickering and in-fighting. Systems help you find and tweak your weak spots, without making someone out to be the bad guy. With less stress and more clarity, there is more room for relationship, camaraderie, and communication.  

Customized Project Management 

Sometimes, outsourcing management for particular projects or operations makes the most sense. When this is the case, we'll be happy to offer your our services, or find you a better fit.