Savannah Berry Suttle, MAMFT-C

President, CEO

Hailing from Jackson, Mississippi, Savannah grew up with a passion to see things work better. As the oldest of four, with three brothers underfoot, she grew up specializing in chaos-management--and with three boys, the only way to do that effectively is to make the structure FUN. A high achiever with big ambitions, Savannah has long enjoyed taking on projects, entrepreneurialism, and helping other people thrive. 

With a mind for research, a heart for people, and joy in the art of process, Savannah earned her Master's Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy/Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary in 2014, where she excelled in systems assessment, analysis and correction. 

Savannah's professional experience includes counseling, outside and inside sales, project management, research and development, administration and executive management. She believes memes are a way of life, and her dream job is to be a surrogate grandmother to the whole world. 


Outside Collaborators

Schema is grateful to work with a number of outside organizations and freelancers who bring their unique skills to bear in the lives of our clients. 


An agency bringing the successful brand-strategy tactics of the Pacific Northwest to the South, Likemind utilizes a business structure, consumer psychology, and leadership-ethics-first approach in order to ensure an organization is operating efficiently on the inside in order to employ the developed visual grand and marketing strategy to their full advantage. 


A state-of-the-art, data-driven marketing firm who brings big-box strategies to small businesses and local communities, Brick+Mortar uses real-time demographic information to conduct up-to-date statistical analysis of advertising efforts.