President & Founder:  Savannah Suttle, MAMFT-C

President & Founder: Savannah Suttle, MAMFT-C

Our Story

SCHEMA was started in response to a perceived need for organizational clarity among small to mid-size businesses. All too often, well-intentioned business owners run themselves ragged trying to keep up with demand: the blessing of increased orders coincides with more time dedicated to filling them, and less time available for planning how to accommodate this new growth for the long-haul. 

In a desire to help, Savannah Suttle started SCHEMA, an organization dedicated to helping small businesses run more efficiently, more effectively, with a lot less stress, and a LOT more fun.

Our core philosophy is this: Growth is a good thing. Juggling it can be exhausting, but it doesn't have to be. If you can't take your eyes off the road long enough to figure out where you're going but you're afraid to hit the brakes, let us help you navigate the terrain in which you find yourself. We'll help you figure out the destination you want to reach, determine the road blocks in your way, and chart a course that makes the journey enjoyable again.